With two years experience as a staff attorney at the Harris County Domestic Relations office under her belt, Jolene Wilson-Glah opened a private practice in March of 1986.  For the past 26 years she has served clients in Houston, surrounding counties, other counties in Texas and in the states of Oklahoma, California, Pennsylvania and the United States Virgin Islands.   Jolene is licensed in the US Supreme Court, Texas, Pennsylvania and the United States Virgin Islands.   While she has practiced in some other areas of the law, Jolene’s focus and her real commitment has been to assisting people through the emotional process of divorce and custody of their children.
Jolene brings not only professional training and experience to the table but also the personal viewpoint that has been honed as a result of her being both a parent and a stepparent.  Her concentration is in mediation, litigation, litigation support, trial preparation and appeals.  Her clients are almost exclusively men so she knows and understands the often unique issues that men face in the family court system and is dedicated to providing them the best possible outcome in their case.